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Bali: ¡we cook it and we eat it! (Cooking class)

The island of Bali, so special of good food. Bali is sweet and spicy, it's coconut milk, it's sambal, it's banana leaves, spices, the most aromatic herbs, it's peanut sauce and it's palm sugar

Indonesian cuisine is one of country’s heritages which has been passing on through generation. Fascinated foreigners who fell in love after the first bite many determine to get to know, learn and experience one self as much as possible.

Unfortunately, most would not find a qualified and worth paying Balinese Cooking School, say in Bali itself. There’s also a question like what else can be done during your stay in Bali beside sightseeing or shopping. Learning Balinese cooking should be an excellent choice.

Cocina Bali Cooking Class built on March 2015 is place where you can learn and enjoy the cooking lessons with genuine and traditional Balinese recipes which are properly and accurately transferred together with secrets, tips and tricks.

All the activity in our open traditional kitchen set up to ensure your cooking comport is surrounded by beautiful garden at Balinese Compound feel the energy of nature. Located away from the crowed street and teach by Chef Wayan Suba and Komang Sri Ningsih ( Halo Bike Cycling Tour Chef ) have experience in this specialized area of culinary delights in a relaxed social environment. Completely hand-on cooking. While the technical content is purposefully presented, the whole process is meant to be entertaining and a word FUN for participants.

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